Prevailing Strong Winds

Padraig Duggan asked 12 years ago

I am living outside Ennis in Co. Clare for a number of years and over that time I have lost several trees to the prevailing winds. I am wondering in the Lombardy Poplar would help create some shelter or what other Tree might suit. My soil is CLAY (very wet in winter and very dry during summer, when we get it) I have lost Laburnums, Purple Maple and the latest have been some ornamental rowan. My neighbour next door couldn’t keep a tree until I built my house, now it provides the shelter his garden needs.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Choosing a tree for shelter depends on the space available, the taller the tree the more shelter. If you have lots of space, you could plant pines, Monterey pine or Scot’s pine. Spruce does well on heavy land too. Lombardy poplar is upright and narrow and tends to suffer canket disease in the west.

Hornbeam is a good shelter tree on this kind of soil also alder and willow.