Privet, conifer ‘wilma’

clody ennis asked 11 years ago

Can you help? We planted a hedge/shelter belt over 10 yearsago using the above. The Privet has been successful but is very slow growing and is now about 2 mtrs high. I would like to trim same and maintain it at this height. is this possible? Can I take cuttings & how do I propogate them? The conifers ‘wilma’ are very attractive but have died off graduallyone by one. As the conifers died I replaced them with the same variety only for these to die off as well. At this point I have hugh gaps in the hedge/shelter belt. Can you suggest what I could plant to replace the conifer ‘wilma’ that would bemore vigourous than privet and able to withstand the high winds & salt?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Privet is not a large-growing hedge.

The conifer might have found the soil too heavy and the salt would not help.

Holly and hornbeam would be good choices for heavy ground, though not wet, and will withstand strong winds and salt. Or try olearia on well-drained soil.


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