prob with sweetcorn

brian folan asked 11 years ago

I have sweetcocrn growing in a raised bed under a plastic tunnel. it shooted up at first, bout a month or so ago but it seems to have stopped growing at about 2 inches. any advice. also sowed scallions next to them with a no show. looking forward to hearing from you

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Apart from a few hot days, the weather has been cold and not suiting sweet corn even under a low tunnel as the soil would be getting cold at night. It will probably respond to warm days.

Sweet corn is best raised indoors from seed sown in mid-April and planted out. 

When seeds do not come up at all, it is usually bad seed. If you have any left, test a few on damp tissue indoors. If they don’t sprout, the seed was  dead.