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Anne McGeough asked 9 years ago

I need advice on my Cox’s Pippin apples trees- 4 of them. A significant amount of the leaves turn brown and fall off each year. There are about 5-6 years old. I sprayed with Dithane this year and it only helped a little. I have read that I should spray with a dormant oil in early spring along with a fungicide. Can you please advise. I have planted another single tree of a different variety in case there may also be a pollination problem because to date only a few apples have appeared on the trees . This year there were none. I sent soil samples to Teagasc and they advised to to add lime as the Ph was very low.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Cox’s Orange Pippin is difficult to grow well here because it likes warmer summers.

It sounds like it has had apple scab disease, which is common. Dithane is not greatly suitable and you should spray from bud-break with a fungicide containing myclobutanil, such as Doff Systemic Fungus Control or Westland Rose Rescue, or Rose Clear.

Spray twice in April, once in May and June, and July if it is wet., and that should be enough.

Apply 50grams per square metre of Fruit fertiliser or 14-7-14 or similar each March.

It is unlikely to be pollination as there are probably plenty of other trees nearby, unless you are very close to the coast and wind challenges the flying pollinators.