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Mary OhIci asked 13 years ago

Our Bramley is sick, its 30 years old lots of blossom but few apples and leaves are sparse except on the top, would it have suffered during the dry spell? Our soil acid dries out but none of the other trees have suffered. We have had a bumper crop each year and was expecting the same again because of the blossom and weather was good for setting,Is there anything I can do now water/ feed? All other fruit is ok and has cropped well.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
It sounds like the tree has defoliated due to apple scab disease, this being exaccerbated by the wet spring. Dry soil would also encourage leaf drop, but it did okay in other years.

There are other reasons for leaf drop, such as honey fungus or silver leaf, but when the foliage at the top is okay, it islikely to be apple scab, beacuse the scab disease likes dampness which is more prevalent lower down.

Try spraying for apple scab next year. More on this: