problem with dying buxus

Helen Gallagher asked 13 years ago

I am desperate for help. I bought a buxus last summer to place just out side my front door. Since the beginning of this summer I noticed the leaves aroud the bottom area turning yellow, brown and eventually falling off. I repotted the plant and noticed that not all the roots had been covered by the soil in the pot as they weren’t packed correctly. The bare area at the bottom is now creeping its way up and it’s taking over the plant. The leaves at the top are now turning brown too. Is it a mite infection or am I not watering it enough? The soil is wet to the touch but not over sodden.It is placed in a sheltered area which gets a reasonable amount of sun.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
If you are certain that the plant did not go dry at some stage … which is the most usual cause of problems for potted box … it might be affected by box blight. There are a couple of different causal fungi, one of which gives clipped box a ‘scalded’ look and the other causes brown spots on the leaves to grow and cause leaf drop.

Improved air movement helps. There is no fungicidal control.