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Garry Keane asked 12 years ago

We have a copper beech hedge which did not grow any leaves this year. It is just over a year old and was quite mature when planted (4 ft high). The buds appeared this Spring but the leaves never grew, and many of the buds appear to have died off. In most cases the plants have sap (as evidenced by scratching the stem and revealing green) which indicates to me that they are living?? Please advise as there are many opinions but I really don’t know what is correct. The soil is well drained and these plants were in full leaf last summer?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
The normal problem, and still the most likely, is winter waterlogging. This occurs when the water table in the soil rises in winter, an dbeech is very susceptible to this problem.

The only other possibility is inadvertent weedkiller spray damage, and even then there should be some effort to grow back.