Problem with Judas Tree

Enda Sheppard asked 11 years ago

We have a Judas tree in our garden, planted last year. Still young, approximately 10ft high. last year, it prodiced a lot of leaves, but more centrally located , ie the outer branches not fully complete. this year, alas, there are only leaves lower down, stopping about 4ft up the tree. Is this a problem? If so what to do?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Sounds like the tree has not taken root properly. The Judas tree, Cercis, needs well-drained, open soil. If the soil is heavy, inclined to be wet, or the tree was planted too deeply, it could show the die-back symptoms described.

And the same could happen if the soil was too dry, but that was unlikely last summer. Not much can be done, moving a tree as ill as this could finish it off, but leaving it in unsuitable ground will do so anyway.