Problem with Rhus tree

Fran Maddock asked 8 years ago

Two years ago I damaged the bark on this tree in September, it bled badly and the leaves browned and dried up that autumn with no colour at all. The same seems to be happening this year, nothing like the normal colour display, very little flower on it this year and once again leaves drying and just going brown as in the photos. Any ideas of the problem? Many thanks Fran.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Rhus is a good autumn colour tree and should have been good this year. It always flowers best on dry, rather poor soil.

This looks like a tree that has been fed too well and the rich feeding has encouraged leafy green growth at the expense of colour. No more rich feeding or mulching.

The withered edge to the leaf can be a sign of potash deficiency and this can be addressed by applying sulphate of potash in spring each year for three years at 30g per square metre.