problem with roses

Trudi Shannon asked 12 years ago
My sister lives near me and showed me her rose bushes today – they are all very weak ie leaves pale and some not opening. There are about 20 like this. It is not black spot or rust. Any ideas? I seem to have read recently about a new virus. Is there one?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
There have always been virus diseases of roses and some new work is being done on this, but virus diseases are generally slow-acting and build up in a plant.

With relatively sudden onset of a problem, the cause is more likely to be contamination with some outside agent, such as weedkiller in a sprayer, even in tiny amounts as roses are extremely susceptible, or some change in growing conditions.

anneburke answered 2 years ago
I bought a rose called “waltz time” about 9-10 years ago It had a lovely mauve flower then but it hasnt flowered since