Problem with weeds and black plastic

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Sergio Noviello asked 6 years ago

I am not an expert in gardening and I need your help. I have a corner area in my front lawn that is full of weeds, they are now attached to the black landscape fabric sheet underneath and when I try to pull the weeds I tear the fabric, I feel like I’m not getting anywhere. Is it better to lift up the black fabric completely and replace it with a new one or get rid of it? Is it better to cover with soil or chip woods? The area where I live is on a hill and it’s exposed to wind and sun .The ground is hard with a lot of stones, very hard to dig.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Yes, get rid of it. This often happens. As a general rule, try to fill teh space withh palnts so that the weeds do not get as much of a chance. Bark mulch helps for 2 years until the plants fill space.

Lots of plants, especially the pea family trees and shrubs like dry, well-drained soil.

You might have to use a pick axe to plant.