problem with weeping willow

carmel gilson asked 12 years ago

My weeping three was planted two years ago and has not grown well, only adding a small amount of height if any over the period, I noticed that the leaves are been eaten by caterpillars, I have removed each one ( at least as many as I could see). The tree was expensive and the planting of it even more expensive do you have any advice??

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
There are various reasons why a tree does not thrive … among them, lack of water, lack of light, competition, pest attack, disease attack and too-deep planting.

Often it takes a tree a while to settle in an begin growing and this might still happen but if not it is affected by one or more of the above.

Quite often, sickly trees are attacked by pests as they are not good at defending themselves when not growing well.