problem with yellow leaves on laurel hedging

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paul aiken asked 12 years ago

im having trouble with my laurel hedging.I lost about 20 of them last year when i planted them bare root they where about 5ft tall when planted but ive just replaced them with new bare root now only about three ft tall so im hoping they have a better chance to take.they are very green besides my older ones i didnt think they where as yellow untill i seen them together would you have any advice please

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Laurel succeeds very well form bareroot planting in general. However, if the ground is inclined to be wet, laurel will always struggle. Even if the ground is good, there is always some risk with barroot plants especially if they are large.

If they are yellowed, it can be a sign of soil being too wet and/or low in nutrients. Apply general fertiliser at 30 gm per metre on each side of the row and control weeds for a metre-wide strip.

The smaller plants have a better chance.