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kevin halpin asked 12 years ago

Im just wondering if you could help me with finding a website or a cd that i could use for botanical pronunciations and references. Im in college studying Horticulture and would find it much easer if i could have the latin name pronouce for me as it would speed up my spelling of them.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Stearn’s Dictionary of Plant names for Gardeners is the book to get. It gives a guide on pronunciation.

Most of the pronounciation of botanical names in English-speaking countries is incorrect. For instance, acer is pronounced with a soft ‘c’ as ‘centre’ but ‘c’ should always be pronounced as ‘k’ like ‘c’ in ‘cat’. ‘G’ is always as in ‘go’.

So it is a doubtful exercise to get the ‘correct’ pronounciation of botanical names as few English spreakers would know what you were on about, but German and French speakers would, as they pronounce much more correctly. 

In terms of spelling, botanical names are pretty much spelled as they are pronounced, taking into account above comments. 

Unaware if a CD on this exists.