propagation using a cold frame.

Martin O\’Sullivan asked 14 years ago

Recently I took a few cuttings from my plants in the garden. The cuttings themselves had some roots attached.I potted them up and watered and placed them in a make -shift cold frame.Question: Is this Cold frame idea a good way of trying to grow plants and if so what procedures should I take in order to maintain healthy plants?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
A cold frame is a very useful structure for giving an extra boost to plants. It captures some heat, not as much as a greenhouse, and provides good shelter from wind.

It is useful for seed-sowing, cuttings and growing early and late crops of some vegetables.

A cold frame needs to be managed to suit the plants currently being grown. For instance, cuttings might be lightly shaded with no ventilation to make roots, while melons would have full sunshine and a small amount of ventilation during the day.