Pruning a rambler

Martin O\’Sullivan asked 12 years ago
Could I have done damage if I gave my rambler/ climbing rose a pruning now at the end of November? Think it is a rambler as new plant growth comes up from the base?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Rambling roses produce new shoots each year from ground level or close to ground level. Climbers make a smal number of large permanent stems, often just one or two.

Ramblers are pruned by taking out large stems that have flowered and allowing the new stems to replace them and this can be done at any time after flowering. Ramblers flower on shoots made the previous year.

Climbers are pruned by shortening back the flowered shoots to where they arise on the old maon stem, where new flowering shoots will be produced in the year of flowering. They can be pruned when floweirng has finished which can be quite late for a repeat-flowering variety.

So no damage is done by pruning in November.