pruning time

fons jaspers asked 12 years ago

Books etc. indicate a certain time for pruning trees and shrubs. ‘Directly after flowering’, ‘In early winter’, and the like. What bad things happen when I deviate from it? For instance, when I prune in spring: Only less flowers next year?, or when I prune my weeping willow now in stead of in wintertime? serious risk of fungus damage, or ….? Regards ,Fons

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Pruning is normally done immediately after flowering for plants that flower before the end of June and later or in winter or early spring for others. Pruning at other times can result in reduced, or no, flowering.

For hard cutting back, deciduous plants are best pruned in winter and evergreens in mid-spring. Done at other times, there is a greater risk of the tree or shrub dying back, or dying altogether.