Margaret Mason asked 12 years ago
I bought a lovely Pyracantha in Spring which is supposed to have berries for the birds. It has come on really well since i planted it but hasn’t got a single berry on it. Can you tell me why please. Also where could i find a lovely Japanese Quince with an orange flower please?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
Young pyracantha plants like many other trees and shrubs tends to grow vigorously for a few yearw ehn just planted and may not carry much, or any berries, for a couple of years, but will eventually settle down to berrying,, slower if shaded or on heavy soil.

Japanese quince is commonly available from most garden centres. ‘Orange Beauty’ is a good variety, but this is not a standard stock item, most likely to be available in the flowering season in spring.