Pyracantha leaves turned bronze and brittle

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Yvonne Treacy asked 13 years ago

I bought a pyracantha last summer which has done really well since then and remained shiny and healthy until a few weeks ago when the leaves became brittle and turned brown. I searched the root for disease but no sign of anything and the root seems healthy. I repotted to a very large pot in case the pot became too small but it still has not recovered. I had just started to feed again after winter and topped up the soil a little before it went downhill but otherwise I didn’t change it’s care in any way. It did not berry in winter but I didn’t mind as it was such a healthy looking plant. I also scraped a little off the bottom bark which still seems green and healthy. Can I save my beloved Pyracantha?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
From the photograph it looks like a plant that dried up and died, or it could be root rot disease, but this is unlikely.

The feeding may have been to generous for a plant already suffering from drought. Too much feed at a high salt concentration can kill any plant.