Pyrus Silver Sail looks like dying

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Rita Noonan asked 12 years ago

New to gardening but bought a Pyrus Silver Sail 2 weeks ago & planted according to instructions. The tree was healthy when planted but looks like it’s dying now. Our site is fairly windy as our hedging is still very young & providing no shelter but garden centre told me this tree would do okay with wind. Is there anything I can try to improve it?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Pyrus or any young tree planted in the hot weather two weeks ago, and even now after rian, needs to be watered regularly. Its roots have not yet grown intot he surroudning soil and it is depending for water mostly on the moisture in the compost of the small rootball.

It should have been watered every three or four days, delivering about 20 litres each time.

It is not too late. When it has settled in after about six weeks it will need only an occasional watering in a dry spell of more than a few days.