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mary buckley asked 12 years ago

I planted “early potatoes” in a potato barrell in late March. Looked after it, watered it etc. I have a lot of foliage but only one flower. Is this OK? Have not grown them before so am unsure if they are flourishing. Should I give them tomato feed? How often should they be watered? I am not sure when they will be mature enough to harvest.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Flowering is not essential and some varieties flower very little, but just after flowering is usually the time to lift new potatoes. So gently take back some soil and find a few tubers and if they are of a reasonable size you can take some and boil them.

If they turn out to be very ‘soapy’ and immature, leave them for a couple of weeks for some starch to accumulate in the tubers.