Raised beds for old garden and old gardener?

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Declan Fleming asked 7 years ago

My veg garden gas been going for 9 years and is now tired and performing poorly. I am not really able to dig it anymore, nor have I farmyard manure to dig in.I see you’re not really a fan of raised beds but I had intended to put them in to avoid digging and make it easier to renew the soil. My soil has moderate drainage. What do you think? I see you recommend red deal. Would cheaper white deal be ok and what about using treatments to avoid rotting?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Raised beds can be used to set up a non-dig, or less-dig, system, by adding a layer of well-rotted compost, effectively a new topsoil, but raised beds are more prone to drought because of the open compost and better drainage.

Raised beds do not need to wooden supporting sides and the layer of compost can simply be piled up, although admittedly this is more messy.

Red deal is naturally rot-resistant, unlike white deal which rots in a few years if not preserved and wood preservatives are strong chemicals, not the sort of thing that people like near their vegetables.