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50320112 asked 11 years ago

I have ordered some Ranunculus asiaticus by post; I grow a lot of flowers for cutting and thought this would be good. However I don’t know where to plant them; I have heard that well drained soil is essential, so I thought of planting them in slightly raised pots or crates, what do you think? I know I need to lift them for the winter. Also, can you tell me when they will flower? The supplier says late summer, my RHS says spring. And when should they be planted?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Known as Persian buttercup, Ranunculus asiaticus, is grown in double-flowered forms as a pot plant and cut flower. It has tubers and can be over-wintered in a mild garden, or otherwise lifted.

Plant it out in good soil in a sunny spot. It flowers in late spring early summer when over wintered or into late summer, if spring planted.