rapid ground cover

Richard Healy asked 13 years ago
I’m writing from Rathcormac tidy towns committee and I’m looking for a rapid ground cover plant that has a good spread, its for an embankment already covered with weed supressing fabric (black plastic, no drainage) and shale mulch. problem is the mulch has moved and exposed the weed supressing fabric (black plastic, no drainage) and isnt very eye appealing.an evergreen is preferable and flowers optional.i was looking at thymes and mint as they are liable to “take over” and have the bonus of scent. is there any prep required for the area. i also looked at the periwinkle but i find it to be very common. the plant will have to be very hardy as its along side a main road but does get full sun and is going into relatively good soil. Thanking you in advance,

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Plain green ivy would be perfect, such as Hedera ‘Hibernica’.