Clare Gill asked 16 years ago

I have raspberry canes for about 15 years, and have good crops each year . I never spray. But this year I have noticed a few canes with crinkled slightly yellowing ( at the edges ) leaves. The fruits are uaffected, but two canes have no leaves or fruits at all. And appear to have died.What should I do to protect my other canes. I have about 40 canes in all running north to south. Thank you Clare

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Crinkling yellow at the leaf edges could be magnesium deficiency, which is common but not all that significant.

If two canes have died, it sounds like rasbberry die-back, particularly if the soil is damp in that area. Usually canes need to be replaced after fifteen years as they begin to build up virus diseases. Do not plant in the same spot.