Re-potting cactus plant

Elizabeth Mulvihill asked 11 years ago

This cacti plant produces lovely orange flowers. It has never been re-potted and the roots are beginning to come through the end of the pot. Can you tell me how to do this without breaking the plant?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
This is the rat’s tail cactus, Aporocactus. 

Cactus can do fine in a tight pot for many years.

But if you wish to take it out. First try soaking it for a day in a basin of water.

With a plastic pot, press in the side a little to loosen the rootball.

Hold the plant with a glove or thickness of paper or a carpet offcut and try to shake the root ball out or push it out with a piece of wood.

Pieces may brea off and can be potted up after a few days drying on a window sill to seal the wounds.