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deirdre gray asked 13 years ago

I inherited two trees when I bought my house 3yrs ago. One is an apple tree. The other one seems to have died! this is recent. I am concerned that the disease could have spread to the apple tree:which now has brown spots on it’s leaves. Should i have the dying/dead tree cut down-do I need to do anything else to protect spread of fungus to apple tree? I would like to have at least the trunk of the other tree left as I had a perfect hammock spot.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
The apple tree may have died for a variety of reasons, most likely a root disease. It is very unlikely to affect the other, which probably has brown spots due to apple scab disease.

You can leave the trunk for the hammock but realise that the stump will rot in the ground and there is a good chance the hammock will collapse unexpectedly at some stage in a couple of years.