replacement hedge

Angela Esmonde asked 11 years ago
We lost a mature Griselinia hedge due to the extreme cold this winter. We are just about to remove the sad spectacle from our garden and need advice on what to replace it with. The house is detached, in a mature estate on the town side of suburbia. To the front it’s 30ft long and the side is12ft. It is c.20ft. from front of the house. Most gardens in the estate are open-plan but we like to have a hedge as ours is the first house on the road after a high wall.Would love to get your thoughts on something relatively fast-growing and absolutely hardy.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Common laurel would do the job and is fast-growing, and can be cut back hard if it grows too big.

Or you could use common yew, an excellent native hedging tree.