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Mary Killeen asked 13 years ago

Enter the detail of your question BRIEFLY (in up to 100 words).Hello Gerry,I have just taken down 3 Leylandi and another hedge bush at the back of my garden. I am having a a wall built instead. The wall will be 180 inches long then a door/gate about 30 – 33 inches wide and a short wall of 32 inches. It will be about 7 feet high.As I am on slope of a hill the top windows of the houses at the back of me will now be looking into mygarden and can see into my sittingroom as I have an 8 foot patio door with a small patio outside it. My whole backgarden would be about 34 foot long and 22 feet wide. It will be walled in now completely.My house is in a terrace – the middle one in a block of five-.My question is: What could I plant at the back wall that would grow up a few feet above the wall for privacy but would not require alot of maintenace -would there be any small trees that would suit? What would you recommend?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
You could consider setting a wooden structure onthe wall, a trellis of some sort, which does not look as heavy as the concrete but gives you the privacy you need.

If you decide to plant hedging, practically any hedging plant will need some effort to clip, especially if it is over two metres tall.

Types you could consider are griselinia, pittosporum, laurel and olearia. These all make large bushes and are quick to establish but will need clipping. They will also take up some of your space.