Replacing a lawn

Jean Fischer asked 13 years ago

I have an average sized garden. With two growing children I have found myself gradually giving up flower beds and sowing grass seed with the result that our lawn is uneven, mossy, weed filled and generally unpleasant. I am currently adding to the grass space and reducing flower beds again and this time I want to do it right. Would it be best to dig up the entire lawn, level it and start again? Is there a machine I can get to lift the grass or is it a case of digging bit by bit? I assume then I should put down top soil and even it all out, what kind of grass would you recommend for a play area? Thanks!

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Although it might seem less time-consuming, a grass lawn actually takes up more time than flower beds, if you consider the amount of time spent mowing. Borders around a lawn area are the most efficient use of space.

If you can even out the humps and hollows by adding or taking away some soil, you can avoid cultivating the whole area. You would simply kill the existing lawn with Roundup and cultivate,. or simply level the low spots with topsoil and oversow the lot, dead grass and all.

A number 2 grass seed suits most domestic purposes.