Replacing concrete with lawn ?

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paul manning asked 13 years ago

Part of my garden has concrete , only a few inches so it will be quite easy to remove so thinking of removing the concrete and digging up the existing grass and planting a whole new lawn. I was wondering when the best time to undertake a project like this is? and with winter approaching should i wait to dig up the grass until early next year or would i have time to complete everything now for September. I am new to gardening so I would appreciate all the steps and instructions you can offer and what I need to do. If you could also reccomenend a very high quality lawn seed.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
September is a very good month to sow grass as it has several moist months ahead.

Remove the concrete, bring in some soil if necessary to restore the level. Make sure to firm the new soil and sow.

A number 3 grass is for high quality lawn, no. 2 is usually used as it needs less care.

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