Replacing Escallonia hedge

Erin Morris asked 11 years ago

I had an escallonia hedge all around the back of my site (1/2 acre) that has died from disease and especially frost/snow. I want to replace it with an evergreen preferably, as I have copper beech in the front. My neighbor has laurel which has suffered quite a bit from frost. Can you recommend a plant that can cope with an exposed site, heavy frost and is moderately quick growing? Is leylandii really that bad? What about Thuja or viburnum?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Laurel may suffer some surface damage but soon recovers. Holly is completely hardy. Thuya tends to get a fungus disease, Leyland cypress is not suitable around a garden as it gets too big and cannot be cut back hard. Probably best of all is yew, hardy and trims to a beautiful line, also native and traditional, though not where cattle or horses might reach it.