roots of a Birch utilis ‘Jacquemontii’

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Thomas Lenehan asked 12 years ago

We have a “Jacquemontii” planted approx. 16 foot from the back of our house. It is planted in a raised bed 4 foot from a boundary wall. The raised brick bed (6 inches in height) is underpinned by a small retaining wall ( 3 inches in height) which has been cracked by one of the tree’s roots (8 inches below ground surface). This root is 3 inches in diameter and since it has split the wall it is lifting it up off the ground.1. Can I sever this root to stop it doing more damage? 2. If so will it kill the tree? 3. Is this type of tree too near the house and likely to do more damage?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
This is a major root and you could get some die-back by cutting it.

The tree is relatively close to the house, but the tree is not the problem… the raised bed is the problem and much easier to adjust.

It is a relatively simple matter to take out the few bricks and re-set them, leaving space for the tree root to grow.

This can be done by making a ‘bridge’ over the root, using a piece of concrete lintel from a builders supppiers. This will probably need to be cut to length.