Rosa rugosa as a Hedge?

Jacqueline Sherry asked 13 years ago

I want to plant a new hedge. Would Rosa Ragusa grow on an exposed site on the NW coast. How high will it get eventually. Do I have any other flowering hedge options. I want it to be native, and beautiful and preferably evergreen and about 4 foot high. It is to be at the front of the house and I do not want hedgerow type planting. I have lots of hawthorn on the boundry. The soil is rather heavy, and free draining, but given the amount of rain we sometimes get can occasionally get waterlogged for a day or two at a time in the winter. The digger is coming to dig the trench this week . Help.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Rosa rugosa is very wind resistant to coastal exoposure, but it is not native. Other good non-natives are escallonia, olearia and griselinia.

A suitable native, if your ground is reasonably well drained, is holly which can be clipped to stay 4 feet tall.