Rose hedge

ANNE TULLY asked 11 years ago

I want to plant rose hedging around my garden which is fenced with ranch rail fencing. We have maple trees planted which are doing as well as we would like. I have two very large red rose beds and would love to plant rose hedging can you tell me the best to go for I want it to be about 6ft high and I would love a red flower. I live in Roscommon. when should I plant and where can I get them and the costs it is a open site.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
When people talk about rose hedging, they usually mean a species called Rosa rugosa, which makes a loose, broad hedge. In general, roses cannot be grown as a clipped formal hedge because they do not have the right twiggy structure and the flowers would be cut away to achieve the shape.

Rosa rugosa all the way around a garden would be quite attractive in summer with the flowers in place and in autumn with red hips but very dull after the leaves fall. If you are proposing to also plant rose hedging in beds, these will look very shapeless in winter.

However, Rosa rugosa is wind resistant and disease resistant. The hybrid ‘FJ Grootendorst’ is red, tall and flowers through summer and into autumn.