Rose leaves being eaten

Alan Stephens asked 13 years ago
Hi I recently purchased a standard rose (1 mth) which the garden centre assured me could remain in the pot for at least the summer, before either repotting or planting. While the buds are flourishing, the lower leaves are all exhibiting a problem – there are a lot of small holes developing on them. I did find quite a few very small caterpillar type (inchworm?) creatures on the underside of some of the leaves, which I removed by hand. However I am just wondering if the holes are indicative of a pest or a disease, perhaps from being in too small a pot? Any advice welcome… Thanks in advance

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
The little caterpillars, probably tortrix moth, have eaten the small holes. This level of damage is not significant and the plants will be fine, especially if the caterpillars have been removed.

The caterpillars feed ofr a few weeks and then disappear. The roses will be fine in pots for the summer, with regular watering and feeding.