Rubber plant too tall

Frank Toner asked 14 years ago

Is it possible to cut down a rubber plant that has grown too tall or would it look bad?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Rubber plant is capable of growing to well over 15 metres in the wild, and in a house it can easily reach the ceiling when grown in a pot. It is possible to cut it right back and it will re-sprout and make new branches and a nice bushy shape.

This can be done in March or April, just as the growing season gets going. It is almost always a good plan to re-pot into a larger pot, using half garden soil and half compost.

Keep the plant, after pruning, in a bright sunny place, even if it has no leaves left, and keep it just nicely moist and feed it when the first new shoots appear. It takes a full growing season to make some new growth and will look great after a second summer.