saved onions

John McCrohan asked 13 years ago

I harvested my onions last year, and then stored them in the garage. Now a lot of them are producing new growth. Did I not dry them out thoroughly enough, or what might I have done wrong? They’re now shrinking, and no good for cooking, is there any point in replanting them?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Onions stored in a garage generally don’t last much into April as the weather warms up and they begin to sprout. They might last a bit longer in a cooler spot, but not much.

The bulbs onions you see in the supermarket at this time are cold-stored and soon sprout when they are in the home for a couple of weeks. 

There is no point in re-planting them as they will jus tgo to seed, but if you want to try and save seeds, why not!