Screen between house and new veg.plot

Michael Keane asked 12 years ago
Can you suggest plants for a screen/trellis between house and veg plot in new garden/new house. House is north facing but screen/trellis would be south facing. I would like lots of strong red (but roses won’t give me the screen in winter) – also virginia creeper has been suggested to me for its autumn colour – does it die back completely in WinterDinny

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
If you have a trellis in place, you are looking for climbers to decorate it. A trellis will not give a complete shut-off as a fence or hedge would, so if you have chosen a trellis, you wish to have some see-through effect.

The common evegreen climbers for this purpose are ivy and jasmine and these can be combined with clematis, roses and potato vine for summer flowers. Virginia creeper is far too vigourous for this prupose and deciduous. You could use purple grapevine for its deciduous foliage.