screen planting in shade

pamela de bri asked 12 years ago
We have a small wooded area with a mixture of large conifers which we are slowly replacing with ash, oak and other deciduous trees. However there is a new large building beside us, (there is a large deep ditch on the outer side of the boundary) and we wish to plant screening along our side of the boundary. It is shaded and dry. Any suggestions for trees/hedging? In the past we have tried beech and lawson which did not die but did not grow either.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Both holly and common laurel will grow in shaded areas and once established will toerate dry soil, but the young plants will need to be watered until established, perhaps for two years, watering during the months May to August every two weeks and more during any dry spell. Each plant will need at least 10 litres of water at a time to soak deep into the soil.

If a drip irrigation system can be set up watering is much easier.