Seeds not germinating in glass house

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Cara August asked 11 years ago

New to the world of seeds – I planted basil, pumpkin and squash in a seed tray and left in my glass house. The basil started to sprout within 7 days but now (day 10) there’s no sign of it! The pumpkin & squash have not come up even though packet says they should within 5- 8 days. This morning, the temp. in the glass house was 37 degrees C and the seeds have been under cover. So is it possible that I’ve “cooked” the seeds and they’re ruined?? Or am I just being impatient?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
In the case of the basil, it is possible that the seedlings emerged anf then were quickly frazzled by scorching sunlight or eaten by a snail. SOme evidence of either must remain for close inspection.

If temperatures are too high, it can cause dormancy in seeds. Reduce the temperature by ventilating.

When sowing seeds, follow the packet instructions to the letter, cover with a sheet of glass or cling film to keep moist and a couple of layers of newspaper.

Keep trying.