Senetti attacked by leaf miner fly

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Katie Cunningham asked 12 years ago

I have two Senetti plants whose leaves are covered in ugly, brown, wriggly lines. A look on the net tells me that this is leafminer fly, and most sites say that it is rarely that damaging to plants. However both senetti are now dying, and it looks like so many of the leaves are affected that the plant might not be able to photosynthesise properly.Is there any way of treating the plants at this stage or should I just chuck them? Picking off the infected leaves as suggested by some sites would mean almost all the leaves at this stage. I am also worried about the rest of my garden becoming infected.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Although Cineraria Senetti re-flowers after the first flush is finished and cut away, it is not a long-lived plant.

It can get leaf miner which cna be very destructive and the plant is simply disposed of when is looks too shabby.