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Peter Kelly asked 13 years ago

I think I have shrubs and plants like Berberis,Rhodododendron,Pieris,Hydranga,cotoneaster,Ulex, Garrya,Romneya,Rubus and many more but what I would realy like to know is how hard can plants and shrubs be cut back as a lot of mine are overgrown and I would like to get the garden back into shape.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Looking the photo, you might want think in terms of removing some shrubs entirely and allowing others to take the space … cutting back does not offer a complete solution, but it can help. It can be just a temporary expedient.

In general, most shrubs will re-sprout if cut back hard in spring. But some will not, such as broom although Spanish broom will!

If they don’t recover, the space can be given to something else.

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And by the way …. never try to cut a shrub with a chainsaw as it is highly dangerous, the chain can jump out of the guidebar and break.