Soil in new shrub beds

Eddie Morley asked 14 years ago

Gerry,have you heard of a product called “fertisol” which is added to existing soil to improve it prior to planting?..I have a planting scheme on hands ,some of the beds are raised and part is shrub border.plants such as Aubrieta,Euonymus blondy,Helianthiums,Euphorbia and Rosa flower carpet are earmarked.The soil is not great but i will be using good quality compost to compensateThanksRoss

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
No, I am not familiar with Fertisol.

If soil is not good, dig in lots of compost or any well-rotted organic material, as much as 10cms in a layer. Also feed the soil with about 100g per square metre of general fertilizer or tree and shrub fertilizer. Dig this in too.