Sowing Hardy Annual seeds

Patrick Hubbard asked 14 years ago

In seed packets with large amount of seeds ie 750 or 1250 .How do I sow seeds from packets of 1250The packet says sow thinly What does this mean ,Also the packet says ” Sow seeds in consecutive sowings ” for continuous flowering What does this mean ? Many Thanks

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Hardy annuals from seed are very easy, even in the open ground, but you can sow in trays, pots or cell trays too.

When they give a lot of seeds, it means the plant is very profilic with seeds, as many annuals are, and often self-sow in susequent years.

Sowing thinly means allowing sowing seeds with a tiny trickle of seeds perhaps 5 t0 10 mm apart. These can be sown in rows about 25 cm apart.

Mos seeds will sprout. Sow at intervals of 2-3 weeks from March to May for a succession. but most just sow once.

You can save the excess for next year in a dry, cool place, even a fridge.