Splitting a large clump of crocosmia

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Rachel Darlington asked 14 years ago

Hi Gerry,
I’ve been lazy and haven’t lifted or split my crocosmia in about 6 years. They are the tall red ones, Lucifer. Before they get a chance to flower, they flop over.
The problem is that the clump is so large I fear that I will damage many of them. It’s also hard to get enough spade under them to lift.
I did chip a few away from around the edge last year. I damaged some but the transplanted ones are doing well.
Now is the right time of year so, tips please!
PS love the new website

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
 Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ is a tall and vigorous cultivar. It can be left as a big clump and the mass of stems helps to keep it upright, or plant other plants that force it to stay upright, such as Shasta daisy, which combines very well with it. Or place it near shrubs.

If you want to split up the clump, the easiest way is to first cut out a wedge-shaped slice, just like a slice of cake. Then cut out other ‘slices’. The mass of corms and roots is tough, but once you have got a piece out, you will find it easier. Taking pieces off the outside, as you have done, is an alternative.

Plant in a sunny, not too fertile, spot will help to reduce floppiness.