Spring bush identification

Judith Nixon asked 11 years ago
I love gardening and recently returned from Ireland. In many home gardens (late April) I saw a bushy plant with pink to tangerine orange foliage at the top. I am not sure if there were flowers. It reminded me of poinsettia. Can you help me identify it? This may be a photo of a similar plant but I am not sure. I usually only saw it from a distance (not wanting to walk up and photograph a person’s home). I tried to take a photo at Glenveagh but my batteries ran out. On that bush I saw white flowers similar to blueberry (white, hanging cup-shaped). Could you please help me identify this? Will it grow in Michigan, USA?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
The plant is a form of pieris or flame-of-the-forest, of which there are many kinds. Pieris japonica is hardy in USDA Zones to Zone 5, which should be okay in Michigan.