Stags Horn seedlings?

Christine Murtagh asked 11 years ago

I have a small tree which produces beautiful copper coloured leaves in autumn……. I think the common name for it is Stags Horn and it appears to self seed. Just in the past few weeks, several little seedlings / small plants have appeared around the lawn having come from this tree and I’m wondering can I take these up and re-plant them somewhere else as I’d like to put them somewhere else but I’m not sure if: a/ they can be movedI have a climbing rose (Golden showers) that has rust. Is there any thing that I can do? or is the variety prone to rustb/ when they can be moved….they are only a few inches tall at the moment c/ will they actually grow if replanted It’s going to be very difficult mowing the lawn around them so I’m hoping I can take them up soon!

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Stags horn sumach is a suckering small tree, which is what these little shoots are. In time they will sprouts some roots and can be lifted, usually lifted with a section of the root from which they sprang.

They can be lifted from flower beds easily enough when about 60 to 90cm tall in autumn after leaf fall but this cannot be done in a lawn.

Lifte back the sod and cut the root that has suckered if it is near the surface. Frim the soil down very hard over the cut root surface to lessen re-growth.

Do not spray the suckers with Roundup as it moves back into the parent tree and can kill it.