Strange new grass growing up through plants

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Mary C. Dolan asked 13 years ago

There is a strange grass that has invaded by garden. It has fibrous woody-like underground runners and is quite proliferous. The grass it produces is lovely but out of place among the established lavender and hydrangeas and it is impossible to pull. I have to dig down about 6 inches into the soil and under the plants to remove these runners. What is it? It is new this year – could it have come in with a hydrangea planted early autumn? Thanks very much.Desperate in Carrick!

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Although this sounds like scutch grass, the description of it having a lovely top might indiecate otherwise as the top of scutch is not particularly beautiful.

It might be creeping fescue which does have a soft flower head.

In any case, you can control any grass at the base of a shrub by applying Roundup with a sponge, wearing gloves, to the grass leaves. Try to wet as many as possible but even if you miss a few, it will work. It may need to be repeated if you miss some.