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Fran Durie asked 11 years ago

It’s a tradition in our family to plant a tree for each child, and I want to choose one for my grandchild who has a strong tinge of red in her hair. When at a flower market in Ghent recently I was very taken by Fothergilla Major. I realise that it, like all the brightly coloured autumn trees, likes acid soil. I have never been aware of it here in Ireland – maybe I just haven’t noticed, but it seems to be hardy enough (for a frost pocket in south Kilkenny ? – minus 7.5 ground tem. last night)Question: Is it hardy enough to survive here and if I plant it in ericacious soil and feed it seaweed etc. will it do well here? This child’s mother (my child) is a Liquidamber and doing very well.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Fothergilla is a member of the witch hazel family and needs acidic soil, but if you dig in about a wheelbarrow full of well-rotted leaf mould  and apply top-up mulch of the same every couple of years, it should be fine.